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Our First Blog is hereto answer a question from one of our clients:

What expertise do you have?


At MMS, we have a very stringent hiring process, ensuring all our staff, whether they are our front line tutors or our admin assistants working behind the scenes have a good understanding of SEND and strategies to support children, young people and adults with SEND as well as their parents. 


All of our tutors are excellent musicians and come from a very diverse range of backgrounds. They are all very experienced and highly trained individuals who have worked in teaching music in a range of different SEN settings including special schools, council-funded music centres, youth centres as well as independent choirs and instrumental ensembles for neuro-diverse members of the community. 


We are constantly seeking out continued professional development from a range of providers in order to keep up to date with best practice when it comes to music education, particularly where it involves special educational needs and disabilities. 


If you would like to find out more information about the type of teaching we offer, please check out our website or email

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